What Are You Made Of? Monday Motivation


It’s Monday once again!

You get to decide today, right now, how this week will go. Will you start it out feeling that typical dread most of us feel at the beginning of the work week, or will you empower yourself to accomplish some goals? Today could be the first day of the new you! Whether it’s that new diet you’ve been planning on starting or that voice in the back of your head telling you to get on the treadmill before beach season, don’t procrastinate any further. At Your Fitness Daily, we are working hard to remove the negativity people associate with Monday. We look at today as a fresh start that happens once per week.

Make this Monday your fresh start!


About Justin

Justin has reignited his obsession with fitness. This time, it’s for different reasons. He has realized how important being healthy is and has changed the way he works out, eats, and thinks. In addition to lifting weights in the gym, Justin enjoys long distance cycling.

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