Whey vs Casein Protein

Protein - Your Fitness DailyWhen walking into a supplement store some of you might become overwhelmed with all the different types of protein available. Protein is a building block in developing and maintain muscles, and so it is important to consume regularly. When searching for a supplement, it’s good to know what choices you have and what the differences  in how the proteins function. Two of the most popular  of protein are Whey and Casein. Now, you’re probably wondering what the difference is, right?

Whey is best to be consumed post workout. This is because it is absorbed quickly and makes the synthesis process occur sooner. After intense training your body recognizes that it needs to synthesize protein because there is damage to its muscle fibers.. By consuming a good source of whey protein the body kick starts the repair process of the muscles.

Casein is important but in different ways.  Instead of being absorbed quickly, Casein is digested much slower than Whey. This mean the synthesize process is also slower which equates to a longer lasting effect/benefit from the protein. It is best to consume Casein before bed so your body receives a constant flow of protein during the night.

Both types of proteins are beneficial when looking to build or maintain muscle. Now that you know the basic differences between Whey and Casein, you can make a more educated decision when purchasing this important supplement!

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