What is the Paleo diet?

Anytime you hear the word Cross Fit, you inevitably hear Paleo Diet, and vice versa. While most of us are familiar with what Cross Fit is, we may not completely understand what the Paleo Diet is all about and why so many people sing its praises.

Paleo, short for Paleolithic, refers to a specific type of diet/eating style that originates from the Stone Age (aka the Paleolithic Era). It was during this time that our ancestors (cavemen) lived off of the land as hunters and gatherers- the food they ate was in its rawest and purest form. During this time, the diseases we have today were virtually unheard of and the cavemen we see in history books certainly didn’t have muffin tops- they were lean and muscular. There must be something they were doing right that we have lost sight of today. This is why the Paleo approach really took off in the diet industry.

So what exactly is the Paleo Diet? It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet, which appeals to many crowds. If you’re looking to improve your blood sugar control, sleep better, lose weight, naturally detox your body, and increase your vitamin, mineral & antioxidant consumption (just to name a few), you can benefit from “going Paleo.” Essentially, you eat “Paleo-approved foods-” foods which are in their simplest and closest-to-nature form. They include items such as:

• Proteins: Salmon, Lean Beef, Chicken, Turkey
• Vegetables: Beets, Kale, Spinach
• Fats: Eggs, Avocado, Almonds

True Paleo followers do not consume processed foods (read: sugar-laden), dairy, or grains, as they believe these types of foods are a large part of the reason we are now living in such a disease-ridden world. Whether you believe in the Paleo hype or not, it’s hard to argue that the foods nature provides us aren’t some of the best. After all, before we were pushing carts down supermarket aisles and relying on blood pressure medications, cavemen were the epitome of health. If we should ever apply the saying of learn from the past, this is it.

Image credit: Banksy’s Caveman by Lord Jim. CC BY 2.0


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