The ‘Get Ready For The Beach’ Ab Workout

As we venture in the cold winter months and slip into sweaters and big bulky coats, one of the last things we’re thinking of is bathing suit season. Sure enough, as the sun starts to peak out again and the temperatures rise, the frantic of needing to get beach ready will start seeping into our minds. If one of your goals is to get beach ready abs, you’re one of the many people who crave an envious midsection. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic who has slacked off on working their core, or a newbie who’s ready to step up their game, this workout is for you:

• For each of these exercises, there is no “do this many repetitions.” Just do each exercise until safely exhausted. How many repetitions that means will be different for everyone

• First, let’s start with a crunch variation, one which will throw you off balance. If you have an exercise ball (one of the big inflatable ones), do crunches with your whole body on that. If not, try this instead. Start by lying on the floor, belly up, and put your feet as high up a wall as you can. Do 4 sets of each.

• Next, try corkscrews. It’s like a side crunch, but more effective. Lie down straight on your side and lift both your legs and your torso up like you are trying to form the letter “C.” Do 3 sets on each side.

• Finally, to work on the muscles that help you keep your stomach sucked in, do planks with your feet on either an exercise ball or a bench. Remember, don’t let your hips sag!

While working your core is important, keep in mind that you will see optimal results in your midsection when you balance a solid and consistent workout routine with a healthy diet. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great option for cardio- it’s quick and produces awesome results. Total-body resistance training will help increase your muscle mass and boost your resting metabolic rate, not to mention shape up your entire body. Combine these two elements with a well-balanced diet and instead of sulking and hiding beneath a baggy tee on the beach, you’ll be begging Mother Nature to bring on summer!

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