The best in home fitness equipment.

Flip on the television during a sick day on the couch or during the wee hours of the night and you’ll be inundated with “GET RIPPED FAST!,” “GET YOUR DREAM BODY!,” “FIT BACK INTO YOUR HIGH SCHOOL JEANS!-“infomercials galore. There is so much at-home fitness equipment on the market these days it’s hard to tell one product from the other- let alone figure out what’s best, what works and what doesn’t, so we’re making it simple for you. Here are some of the best at-home fitness products that are definitely worth the investment:

Suspension Systems (TRX, Rip60, etc.)- No matter what brand you go with, suspension systems are awesome for at home workouts. They combine gravity and bodyweight to give you a total body resistance workout that places a lot of emphasis on your core and increases your balance and flexibility. They’re also a blast to play around on- bonus!

Adjustable Dumbbells– Strength training is a must if you’re looking to increase muscle mass (aka burn more calories at rest) and tighten your body all over. Buying adjustable dumbbells is oftentimes much cheaper (and takes up less space) than buying multiple sets. As you progress, you can adjust the weight- especially awesome if you’re sharing them with someone else.

Resistance Bands– These bands come in all sorts of tension levels, from easy to difficult. You can use these to do exercises for nearly any body part. They’re easily stored, portable and versatile. In some cases, they can take the place of cable machines for certain exercises.

Exercise Balls– Particularly good for core work, stability balls can be used to perform an array of exercises. It can be used in place of a normal weight bench, which adds an element of requiring balance while executing an exercise. This is great for core engagement and activation.

While most of us think of big, Nautilus-type, thousands-of-dollars type equipment when we think of at-home workout equipment, there are many other options that won’t break the bank. Besides, what good is that $3,000 treadmill if all it serves as is a really expensive clothes rack?

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