Split(ish) Routine

Split routines are a great way to critically train each part of your body, and turn all of your muscular weaknesses into strengths (pun intended). For the first series, I want you guys to train it for three weeks. That means, each workout will be completed 6 times; because you’ll be doing each twice a week! The second series, weeks 4-6; and the third series, weeks 7-9.

This is how I want you guys to train every week:

Mondays and Thursdays:

Chest & Back – Round 1 (weeks 1-4)

Chest & Back – Round 2 (weeks 5-6)

Chest & Back – Round 3 (weeks 7-8)

Tuesdays & Fridays:

Arms – Round 1

Arms – Round 2

Arms – Round 3

Wednesdays & Saturdays:

Legs & Cardio – Round 1

Legs & Cardio – Round 2

Legs & Cardio – Round 3

Sundays are BONUS DAYS meaning it isn’t required, but it’ll be a power stretching routine, and a core/ab workout. I’ll be posting videos for them- and they’ll be of me doing them with you! These will come for the second series, or the end of the first series. This is so you get acclimated to split(ish) routines, so you’ll be ready for bonus days.

Every time you workout, you’ll have to print out the workout, and chart your growth. If you hit the low end of the rep range, the next workout you’ll train with the same weight and try to squeeze in a few more reps; if you hit the end of it, don’t stop- but do a few more, and increase the weight next week!  This is so you have no escape but to grow in strength and muscular endurance!

Please feel free to leave comments with your thoughts, pictures of your progress, or any thing worth mentioning!



About Nick

Nick Levato has been involved with the fitness community for over 8 years. Not only is he a Certified Personal Trainer but, has also been trained in martial arts. Nick has overseen the training of many individuals spanning all ages and fitness goals; and experimented most diets; for competitions, cutting, vegetarian, and general diets to coincide with weight training at the time. In addition to training on an individual level, Nick has also taught many group classes. He takes pride in pushing himself to his limits in the gym and in his everyday life.

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