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Pb2 PB2 is merely peanut butter in powder form. PB2 comes in two flavors – chocolate peanut butter and regular peanut butter – and in various quantities; anywhere from 6 oz to 1lb. You can find Pb2 and other products from the Bell Plantation at their site.


Peanut butter without fat is something that the world desperately needs, and I feel sorry for everyone allergic. The peanuts go through a process where all of their fatty oils are removed, and all that is left is protein, carbs, and a few vitamins.

In my experience, PB2 descends from heaven. I’ve had protein that only a raccoon could love; and by throwing a few teaspoons (cups in some cases) into the mix, my rancid shakes turn into something at least tolerable.

From time to time, I like to throw some apple slices in a container with Pb2, shake it up, and enjoy myself. It also doesn’t hurt to sprinkle some in oatmeal, cookies, protein pancakes, and the like!


Vitamins A, D, E, and K are fat soluble; meaning they cannot be absorbed by the body without fat. Pb2 is missing 90% of the fat peanut butter normally contains, and the vitamin E that Pb2 contains isn’t being utilized.

Peanuts are incredibly porous, and absorb most of the pesticides that farmers spray. The problem is that Pb2 isn’t organic, so you are still consuming (possibly) problematic toxins from pesticides. If the realm of organics isn’t something you’re concerned with, then forget I ever said anything.

Another issue is that Pb2 is sweetened with sugar. Although you’re losing the element of fat, you are taking in the issue of sugar (which are bad carbs). Trade-off: Good Fats for a few Bad Carbs. This is essentially an irrelevant issue, being that there is only 1g of sugar in Regular Pb2, and 3g of sugar in Chocolate Pb2.


Pb2 is a great way to enhance the flavor in a lot of food, shakes, and snacks. It makes the world taste good, but it is important to realize that Pb2 isn’t as healthy as actual peanut butter. That being sad, it isn’t atrocious either.

What you should keep in mind is the reason you’re using Pb2, just like any other supplement. If you want to avoid the consumption of fats, this product may be something you’d be interested in. If it’s vitamin E or the organic approach to nutrition, Pb2 is not something you want to be overly enthused about.

If you’re like me, and you just want something moderately nutritious and seeking a way to enhance flavor, pick up some Pb2. I recommend either flavor, they are equivocally delicious.



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