Margret Gnarr

It’s not everyday that we hear of an IFBB Pro from Iceland who also has a black belt in Taekwondo. This week our featured athlete/model is Margret Gnarr, Iceland’s first IFBB Pro. After moving on from figure skating due to an ankle injury (age 14), Margret started training in Taekwondo. Her interest with competitive fitness didn’t begin until 2008 when she attended the Icelandic Championship and fell in love with the sport. Since placing 3rd place in her first competition (2011 IFBB Icelandic Cup -Bikini) Margret has continued to progress while competing in competitions such as the Arnold Classic (2014 Bikini) and the Arnold Amateur (2012). Her ultimate goal is compete at Bikini Olympia. Make sure to check her social pages out via the links below!




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Justin has reignited his obsession with fitness. This time, it’s for different reasons. He has realized how important being healthy is and has changed the way he works out, eats, and thinks. In addition to lifting weights in the gym, Justin enjoys long distance cycling.

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