IronClaud’s journey to the stage (Interview)

5This past week our featured athlete was Claudine Youkhana, but those of you who follow her on instagram know her as @Ironclaud. Claudine (aka IronClaud) is from Addison, Illinois, born and raised, and has always been very active person. She played soccer all through high school and after she graduated she started working at a gym where she quickly became a gym rat. Today she continues her fitness journey at Fase Fitness where she trains and inspires everyone to achieve their goals.


Claudine Youkhana’s interview with Your Fitness Daily:


Who has played a major role in your life or influenced you?
Some major influences in my life would have to be my parents who taught me to bust my ass for anything I want. Nothing comes easy and you have to work hard AF and chase after something if you want it.


What competition are you currently prepping for?
I am currently prepping for the NPC Illinois state figure class A competition


What inspired you to become a competitor?
What inspired me to compete was seeing how I transformed my body from being at a sloppy weight post high school graduation and it motivated me to push harder to see where I can I take my physique. I enjoy training so I went after it.


claud 2Can you briefly explain how you prepared for this show?
Prep has been a roller coaster for me this time around. Living back at home there’s been a lot of distractions junk food etc. in the house that can easily throw me off my path. The training aspect of my prep has been the fun part. It’s always the dieting that’s a lil tougher for me just like most people. But if you want something bad enough you do what you have to do in order to accomplish any of your goals, and succeed for that matter. The cardio has been slowly increased as we get deeper into it, shorter rest periods, and 1 cheat meal a week. It’s a lil bit of a struggle to have a cheat meal without wanting to continue to cheat, but that’s when I have to remind myself I’m in this to win. I’m putting my whole heart and everything I have into this prep. Social life has been put on hold. With prep you have to sacrifice a few things in order to stay focused. Once I get in pre contest phase it’s tunnel vision for me from then on. Leaving no stone unturned doing everything in my power to come in at my best because come show day, I DO NOT want to look back and say “oh well I could have done this different or that different. No, I want to look back knowing I did everything in my power to bring my best.


What’s one piece of advice you could give to an aspiring competitor?
One piece of advice I can give an aspiring competitor is to stay consistent, be patient, and train as if there’s a fkn stampede chasing you. There’s always going to be someone somewhere out there training their fkn ass off, it’s your job to give everything you got, DIET is key and you can’t expect to look shredded on stage with a half ass diet. Find a plan that works for your body and make it happen.


What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in this prep? How did you overcome it?
I have been having insomnia pretty bad as of late and being up all night a normal human being gets hungry, and when you’ve eaten all your meals for the day it’s almost like you’re SOL. Just constantly have to remind myself how badly I want to win.

claud 3

When that day finally rolls around and your able to “cheat” what would have to be your favorite food or foods of choice?
Top favorite cheat has become any type of processed sugar (hahahaha) donuts, cookies, candy, pizza, burgers, Chinese food, sushi you fkn name it. This girl can eat. Definitely don’t discriminate when it comes to food :p


What is your favorite food to eat during a prep?
Favorite food during my prep has been chicken and sweet potato nothing fancy but I do enjoy my prep food to be honest.


What type of music to listen to while working out?
As for music it just depends on if I’m doing cardio or I am lifting. Electric dance music type house music I prefer for cardio and hip hop/rap for when I am lifting.


Will you go on to compete in future competitions? Which one’s do you have your eyes on?
For now, I’m not sure what competition I’ll be looking into after this one in the next few days. I guess we will just have to wait and see 🙂


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