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A quick full-body workout with a tough set of abs to finish it off. Instead of changing the body part each exercise, this hits each muscle group in succession to tear whatever muscle fibers are left standing. Since we’re hitting these muscles hard right away, be sure to warm up amply; a few laps, some pull ups and a few push ups should do.

Exercise Rep Range
1. Incline Cable Crossover  4-6
2.1/2 press 1/2 fly*  6-8
3. Decline Press  8-10
4. Single Arm Bent Over Row  4-6
5. Cable Machine Rows  6-8
6. Wide Grip Pull Ups  Until Failure (use machine to get at least 10)
7. Squats  12-15
8. Alternating Backward Lunges  8-10 (each)
9. Jump Squats  1 minute
10. Dumbbell Military Press  8-10
11. Lateral Shoulder Fly  10-12
12. Rope Tricep Extensions  6-8
13. Overhead Extensions  10-12
14. Incline Bench Curls  4-6
15. Hammer Curls  8-10
16. Leg Raises 25
17. Superman Holds 1 minute x 2
18. Roman Chair Sit-ups 20
19. Scissor Leg Lifts 50 switches
20. Circle Leg Lifts** 10 each direction
21. Seated Leg Tucks 30
22. Barbell Oblique Twists hold for 1 minute each side
23. Good Mornings 50
24. Planks 1 minute x 2
25. Twisting Crunches 100

*Both arms start fully extended; one arm does a full press while the other arm does a fly, then you switch which arm is doing what. When both arms do a press, that counts as one rep.

**Similar to leg raises, but instead of completing the reps vertically, you raise and lower them in a circular motion. Complete 10 rotating clockwise, and 10 counterclockwise.


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