Four benefits of working out with Kettlebells

z102When it comes to our health and fitness, it’s important that we establish just the right balance between diet and physical exercise. Exercise is extremely important and beneficial, yet for some people, it soon becomes monotonous, boring, and frustrating. When people imagine exercising, many of them picture themselves sweating for over an hour on a treadmill, or curling a set of dumbbells in the corner of a gym somewhere. The truth is that exercise and working out can be so much more fun than that, especially if you happen to be willing to mix things up and try new things out. Take kettlebells for instance. These pieces of equipment have been growing in popularity every single day over the past decade or so. So much so in fact, that many gyms and personal trainers now offer kettlebell training classes, so that alone tells you just how popular and beneficial these pieces of equipment have become. If you’re still not convinced, then here are four more benefits associated with working out with kettlebells.

They’re great for training your core – Because kettlebells are shaped so uniquely, (almost like a sphere with a handle) they engage your core and abdominals a great deal more than regular dumbbells would. Your core, is responsible for a great deal of everyday tasks in the real world outside of the gym. Moving heavy boxes or rearranging furniture perhaps. Because of this, kettlebells can help you to better function in everyday life. Many kettlebell exercises have actually been specially created to help duplicate and mimic various things you do in your everyday life. Picking your children up, or carrying heavy grocery and shopping bags for example.

They’re great for burning fat – The great thing about kettlebells, is the fact that they activate and work more than one muscle group at once. That means that your body is working harder during each workout, due to the fact that a number of different muscles are all being trained at the same time. Kettlebell training is also very intense, which helps to boost your metabolism, which again, enables you to burn more calories and lose more fat as a result.

They’re enjoyable to use – Perhaps one of the most important benefits associated with using kettlebells, is the fact that they’re just so much fun to use. Many workouts require you to swing the weight between your legs, as fast as you possibly can. This method of training is far more enjoyable than simply standing there curling a dumbbell back and forth several times.

They allow you to work a number of different muscle groups – Another great thing about kettlebells, is the fact that due to their shape, they allow you to work your entire body. The handle allows you to position them so that you’re able to perform squats for example, which work your legs, before immediately hoisting them into position, and pressing them above your head to work your shoulders. You can row them to work your back, curl them to hit your biceps, perform overhead French presses for your triceps, or lie on a bench and press them to hit your chest. Simply put, they’re extremely versatile and extremely effective too.

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