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This week, our featured athlete is Jen Heward. Those of you on Instagram will know her as HunnyBunsFit. Not only is she one of the owners of Life Altering Fitness INC, she also is an avid snowboarder (as you’ll read about in our interview below).

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Jen Heward’s Interview With Your Fitness Daily

Untitled-2 copyWhat is the single best piece of advice you could give someone who wants to get into fitness and get away from their unhealthy lifestyle?
Believe. Achieve. Succeed. If you truly want something, believe in it and go after it no matter what!

Which muscle group is your favorite to train and what is your favorite workout within the group?
Shoulders and glutes! They are the best humps on the body! I love squats and cable kick backs for the glutes and side lateral raises for the shoulders! I also love those barbell rows!

How many times per week do you workout?
I currently weight train 5 days a week

Do you have a favorite hobby outside of the fitness industry?
I am an avid snowboarder, wakeboarder and riding my dirtbike!

Whats your top binge food?
Pizza and chocolate

Where do you typically shop for your fitness gear (apparel, equipment, supplements…).
For my fitness gear, La Bella Mafia Clothing and Bum Bum Bacana. Me and my fiance own our gym Life Altering Fitness so were constantly finding new equipment to incorporate into the gym! I am a huge fan of Cellucor products!

What/who motivates you?
My biggest motivator has to be my fiance. Watching him strive to make our gym the best in can be, and help others day in and day out! He works 13 hour days sometimes, trains in Muay thai and Jiu Jitsu as well as regular weight training and still manage to find time for everyone else, me, friends and clients amazes me! So much respect for him! I also look up to Alice Matoss! Beautiful hardworking woman!!!

What would you say to someone who isn’t getting the results they want and are about to give up?
Don’t let discouragement defeat you!

What is your favorite healthy meal and do you add any personal touches to the recipe?
I love my protein pancakes! I use chocolate muscle egg (eggwhites). Blend with fruit and kale and oatmeal then cook!! So good!

Anything else you would like to include?
Research and read!!!! understanding what your goals are and your own body will take you far in the long run!!


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Justin has reignited his obsession with fitness. This time, it’s for different reasons. He has realized how important being healthy is and has changed the way he works out, eats, and thinks. In addition to lifting weights in the gym, Justin enjoys long distance cycling.

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