Extension and Contraction Split Training

Z119Not entirely a full body workout, and not entirely a split routine. It’s a split between the muscles that are extending and contracting… so, it’s like a half-body workout? Ready to start training?

Anyway, this is for people who are trying to maintain AND make gains in muscular strength, it just depends on how hard you push yourself. You should do each at least once a week, but you can also complete it 2-3 times a week; again, depending on how hard you push yourself and on how sore your muscles are.

ALL EXERCISES are to be completed with three sets.

Exercise Rep Range
1. Decline Cable Crossovers*  8-12
2. Flat Bench Flys 10-15
3. Arnold Shoulder Presses 8-12
4. Lateral Shoulder Fly 12-15
5. Flat-bar Tricep Cable Extensions 8-12
Underhand Grip
6. Flat Bench Dips**  15-20
7. Squats  15-18
8. Quad Extension Machines  8-12
 Each leg separately
Exercise Rep Range
1. Modified Pull Ups
2. Wide grip cable rows
3. Supported Hammer Curls
4. 21s
5. Close Grip Pulldowns
6. Hamstring Contraction Machines
7. Alternating Lunges

*Set the handles high on the cable machine, and bring your hands together in a downward motion toward the middle of your chest.

**Post your arms behind you on a flat bench and straighten your legs in front of you. To increase the challenge, rest them on another bench of place weight on your mid-section.

Be sure to record the weights and reps you complete each time. If you hit the low end of the range, use the same weight the next time; if you hit the high end, increase the weight; for example, in an 8-12 range, if you hit 8-9 then stay the same, 10-12 increase the weight.


About Nick

Nick Levato has been involved with the fitness community for over 8 years. Not only is he a Certified Personal Trainer but, has also been trained in martial arts. Nick has overseen the training of many individuals spanning all ages and fitness goals; and experimented most diets; for competitions, cutting, vegetarian, and general diets to coincide with weight training at the time. In addition to training on an individual level, Nick has also taught many group classes. He takes pride in pushing himself to his limits in the gym and in his everyday life.

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