Core 1.5

If the last routine of core exercises wasn’t hard enough, I’ve thrown in a dash of cardio to make sure you don’t survive.

And I’ve also posted links to the other core workouts in this series, if you want to back out and go easier on yourself today.

Core 1.1, Core 1.2Core 1.3, Core 1.4

They don’t have to be done in any order, I just attached all the links so you can have variance in your exercise.


1. Half Burpies- 100.
*Or sometimes called Murphies. You balance on your hands and kick your feet back, and you land in the push-up position; then you retract your feet to your hands, and repeat the exercise without standing up. Each time your feet retract is one repetition.

2. Spiderman Push-ups on Med Balls- 20 x 2
*Hands are posted on medicine balls: each time you move downward for a push-up, one of your legs bends so that the knee touches the elbow- alternate legs each rep.

3. Core Ball Plank – 1 minute x 4 sets
*Arms extended, feet on core ball (like holding the upright of a push-up position).

4. Super Burpies – 20 x 2 sets
*Grab a med ball that will bounce. Lie on your back, do a full sit up; while at the top of the sit up, shoot your legs backward and balance your arms on the med ball; proceed to do a push-up. Stand up, and slam the med ball on the ground as hard as you can; catch it, and fall to the ground to complete 1 rep and to start another sit up.

5. Battle Ropes while standing on Bosu Ball – 1 minute x 3 sets
*Move Battle ropes up and down (like beating on drums) while balancing on the flat part of a Bosu ball.
**If you don’t have this, do 20 panther push-ups for 3 sets:

6. Superhardridiculouslychallengingohmygodthissucks med ball planks – 1 minute x 4 sets
*Each foot balancing on their own med ball, and each arm balancing on their own med ball.


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