Core 1.3

Here is the third installment to the Core Workouts I promised. Enjoy!

And I’ve also added the links to the other core workouts in this series.

Core 1.1, Core 1.2, Core 1.4, Core 1.5

They don’t have to be done in any order, I just attached all the links so you can have variance in your exercise.


1. Bosu Side Crunches – 30 each side x 2 sets each side
*A normal side crunches except your hip is on the ball portion of the Bosu ball, allowing a larger range of motion.

2. Banana Rolls- 15 reps with  10 second holds
*You start in a V-hold for 10 seconds, then roll over -WITHOUT allowing your hands or feet to touch the ground- into a superman hold for 10 seconds, completing 1 rep. Then roll back to the V-hold, and repeat.

3. Good Mornings on a Bosu Ball – 50 x 2 sets
*Balance on the flat part of a Bosu ball, and perform a good morning. A good morning is where you hold a barbell (with additional weight if desired) and bend forward keeping both the back and the legs straight. You bend as far forward as your back will allow without bending, and return to the upright position.

4. Core Ball Planks – 1 minute x 4 sets (less than 15 second breaks)
*With your arms extended (like a push-up position), rest your feet on a large core ball and maintain balance. Be sure that the body is aligned properly- meaning the hips aren’t too high nor too low.

5. Bicycle Crunches – 30 x 2 sets
*Lie on your back, with your legs bent in the air. One knee bends toward your head, meeting the opposite elbow above your navel by doing a crunch; then switch legs and elbows. Don’t count each rep, but rather each time you return to the original position; so, if you went Right-Left-Right-Left, that is two repetitions. Complete as fast as possible.

6. Bosu Push-up holds – 1 minute x 2 sets
*Feet on the ground, hands clasping the flat part of the Bosu ball. Hold yourself extended for 10″, and then hold your chest inches from the Bosu ball for 10″. Then, return to the extended position for 10″, and so on.


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