Core 1.2

So, you’ve survived the first core routine. If you’re not too sore, here is the second addition to my core workouts.

I’ve posted 5 workouts that engage your core, and this is one of them. The others can be found at these links:

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They don’t have to be done in any order, I just attached all the links so you can have variance in your exercise.

Here’s The Workout:

1. Core Ball Throws – 3 sets – 50, 35, 25
*Balance on a core ball with either your knees (kneeling on the ball, but sitting upright so your back is not hunched) or standing on it (the much harder version of the two) situated about 2-3 feet from a wall. Take a weighted med ball, and throw it against the wall and catch it, and quickly throw it again. The idea is to be able to stabilize effectively while speedily throwing the ball- which is supposed to unbalance you.

2. Under the Wire Push-ups – 25 x 2 sets
*You start in the push-up position with your hips high in the air (making a V, or downward dog in yoga). Allow yourself to contract toward the floor, and as you’re doing so, lower the hips and raise the chest as you extend the arms- this should look like you’re under a wire. Then, contract your arms and motion back under the wire and raise your hips as you extend your arms. For familiar yoga students or Google savvy readers, it’s like going from a downward dog to a cobra position while intermixing a push-up. This is probably confusing; but it’s the best I could describe it.

3. Hip-ups – 50 x 2 sets
*Lying on your back, your legs are perpendicular to the ground (90 degrees). Without bending or moving the legs, raise the buttocks and push your legs to the ceiling. When you come down, don’t let your legs swing.

4. Russian Twists- 50 x 2 sets
*Hold a medicine ball in your hands while your body is in the V-position (your legs and upper body are raised off the ground, and your butt is the balancing point). Twist your body side-to-side so that your hand touches the ground while holding the medicine ball. Each time you touch the same hand constitutes 1 rep (you don’t count as you alternate, you count every two times)

5. Weighted Barbell Oblique Twists – 50 x 2 sets
*This one is too hard to explain:

6. Straight Legged Deadlifts on Bosu Ball- 50 x 2 sets
*Stand on the flat part of the Bosu ball, and balance while performing a straight legged deadlift. That kind of deadlift calls for you to bend forward as far as you can without allowing your back to bend, and then standing upright again.


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