Core 1.1

The Core is responsible for essentially all dynamic motion, and some static holds; everything from throwing a football to swatting at a fly. Your core muscles twist, contract, and stabilize to make motion possible, or at least easier.

I’ve posted 5 workouts that engage your core, and this is one of them. The others can be found at these links:

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They don’t have to be done in any order, I just attached all the links so you can have variance in your exercise.


1. Lying Leg Raises-10 straight up and down, 10 with a slight angle left, 10 angled to the right
*Lie on the ground (it may also be beneficial to hold onto a dumbbell behind your head as a counterweight) and lift your legs to a 90 degree angle; then lower them back down to about 6 inches from the ground. That’s 1 rep

2. Crunch pulses- 50 x 2 sets
*Lie on your back, knees bent, and curl your body as high as you can. *Important- never allow your shoulder blades to touch the ground, so you’re hold a partial crunch through the entire exercise.

3. Legs raised pulses- 50
*This is the same as 2, except your legs should be raised at a 90 degree angle from the floor.

4. Side planks- 30 seconds each side x 4 sets each side
*Your elbow is used to support your upper body, and the same side’s foot should be supporting your lower body. Your whole body should be in a straight line, while tensing your obliques the whole time. Your chest should be completely facing the side.

5. Twisting Triangle Crunches – 50 x 2 sets
*While lying on the ground, place one foot on the opposite knee (so, it should look like you’ve made a triangle). With your hands holding the back of your neck, the opposite elbow of the knee should try to make contact with that kneecap while crunching- so twisting as you raise your body.

6. Med Ball Planks- 1 minute x 3 sets
*This is a normal plank, except your arms are extended (so you’re in the push-up position). Your feet are not posted on the ground, but on a  single medicine ball instead. Your hands are not on the ground, but each are on medicine balls as well.


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