Chest Assault

Z126This is a personal workout that I have completed many times. From my experience, it will absolutely destroy every muscle fiber in your chest. Every exercise will consist of drop and pyramids sets with the repetitions being until failure.  The weight I am giving in my examples is just the weight I use. Weight used during this exercise should go according to what you are comfortable lifting.

First, we will start with a dumbbell bench press (I personally start with 60 lb dumbbells). I typically will start at a weight in which I can do at least 15-20 repetitions, but will go until failure. For this pyramid I will use 60’s, 70’s, and 80lb dumbbells, then will make my way back down the pyramid. The weight varies from person to person so lift what you can and remember we don’t count reps, we go until we can’t go anymore!


Dumbbell press Weight Reps
Set 1 60lb Failure
Set 2 70lb Failure
Set 3 80lb Failure
Set 4 70lb Failure
Set 5 60lb Failure

As soon as this pyramid is done I go straight to the bench press and will put on 175lbs. I put a 45lb plate and two 10lb plates on each side. For this we are doing a drop set so after I have lifted the 175lbs until failure, I take one 10lb plate off of each side making it 155lbs and continue to rep it out. Again, once I fail, I take off the remaining 10lb plates off making it 135lbs and rep that until failure.

After this drop set our chest is pretty much destroyed but, we are just getting started so lets move on to the flat bench flies. For this we are doing another pyramid. Start at that weight where you can typically get at least 15-20 reps.  For the next two sets you will continue to increase the weight. During your fourth set we start to make our way back down the pyramid and ultimately finish on our fifth set.


Dumbbell fly’s Weight Reps
Set 1 50lbs Failure
Set 2 60lbs Failure
Set 3 70lbs Failure
Set 4 60lbs Failure
Set 5 50lbs Failure

After that pyramid, we move on to incline press in-which we are running another pyramid. Again, we are starting with a weight you would typically get 15-20 reps on. As seen in the previous pyramids we will increase the weight twice before making our way back down the pyramid. Again each set’s rep range is until failure no matter the number amount.


Incline Dumbbell Press Weight Rep’s
Set 1 50lb Failure
Set 2 60lb Failure
Set 3 70lb Failure
Set 4 60lb Failure
Set 5 50lb Failure

For incline fly’s we move to the cable machine. We are going to do 4 drop sets for this exercise and with each set we will drop the weight 3 times. For example, if we start with 60lbs we rep that until failure. After failing we drop it to 50lbs where we continue to fly until failure once again. After our second time failing we drop again to 40lbs this time and continue until failure. That concludes our first set in which we will repeat 3 more times.


Incline Fly Weights Rep’s
Set 1 60lbs, 50lbs, 40lbs Failure on all
Set 2 60lbs, 50lbs, 40lbs Failure on all
Set 3 60lbs, 50lbs, 40lbs Failure on all
Set 4 60lbs, 50lbs, 40lbs Failure on all

Our last exercise will also be on the cable machine. For this we are doing standing decline fly’s in a pyramid style format. With this we are super setting pushups until failure. This pyramid will follow the other pyramid exercise’s in which you will increase the weight twice before going down the pyramid. Between each set is where we incorporate the pushups until failure.


Standing decline fly Weight Rep’s
Set 1 40lb Failure
Set 2 50lb Failure
Set 3 60lb Failure
Set 4 50lb Failure
Set 5 40lb Failure


So if you’re looking for a great chest workout to really destroy every muscle fiber in your chest this is definitely. The weight used in the examples is not a weight needed to be used by everyone. ENJOY!!!!


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