Chest and Back – Round 2

Chest-workoutFor those of you following my Split(ish) fitness plan, here is Chest and Back workout for the 4th-6th week! Keep up the great work everybody!

Chest & Back Rep Range
1. Downward Cable Press 4 sets
SUPERSET WITH 4,6,8,10,12*
2.Stability Ball Cable Row 4,6,8,10,12*
3. Stability Ball Chest Fly 5 sets
4. Back Fly** 5 sets
5. Run @6mp 1.0 incline 10 minutes
6. Panther Pushups 50
each failure, switch to next exercise
7. Lat Pulldowns 20, then go back to panther push ups
8. Incline Cably Fly 2 sets
SUPERSET WITH 10 6″ reps
9. Plank Rows to Flys 2 sets
15 each arm

*All sets with an asterisk* indicate that is a dropset-burnout. Meaning I want 3 weight drops (take some weight off the resistance) and each time you drop the weight, rep it out until failure!

**Keep in mind, your arms should be about 1-2 feet from your side, making a 45 degree angle. The more perpendicular your arms are to your torso, the more you will use your shoulders!


About Nick

Nick Levato has been involved with the fitness community for over 8 years. Not only is he a Certified Personal Trainer but, has also been trained in martial arts. Nick has overseen the training of many individuals spanning all ages and fitness goals; and experimented most diets; for competitions, cutting, vegetarian, and general diets to coincide with weight training at the time. In addition to training on an individual level, Nick has also taught many group classes. He takes pride in pushing himself to his limits in the gym and in his everyday life.

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