The best in home fitness equipment.

Flip on the television during a sick day on the couch or during the wee hours of the night and you’ll be inundated with “GET RIPPED FAST!,” “GET YOUR DREAM BODY!,” “FIT BACK INTO YOUR HIGH SCHOOL JEANS!-“infomercials galore. There is so much at-home fitness equipment on the market these days it’s hard to tell…

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Fitness gifts for techies (video)

(image: Motorola) Motorola MOTOACTV | from US$249.00 | Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves tech and fitness? Check out these new “fitness trackers” which can track your heart rate, sleep habits, UV exposure, text messages, and even tell you the local weather forecast. Want to know how much your…

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Run A 5K In 8 Weeks With The C25K App:

If you’re like me, you’ve tried to start a running program more than once. Each time I would start strong only to give up after a few days. What goes wrong? Typically it’s that most people attempt to jump right into running without building up leg strength and endurance. The free app from Zen Labs…

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